Quick-Payroll for small companies
– easy and economical

Kvikløn is for small companies, so you can prepare your payrolls quickly and economically.

Everything is done via the internet (also for iPad), so you don’t need to install a separate program. As long as every employee has his or her own e-mail address, private or work, and you otherwise observe the deadlines which we will remind you of by e-mail, everything is done automatically.

Kvikløn is extremely user-friendly. Only the functions your company needs are displayed.

  • The employee or manager reports the hours, allowances and absences.
  • The manager receives a reminder when the deadline is approaching and an e-mail when the employee has entered his or her report.
  • The manager receives an e-archive with accounting vouchers, payslips etc. – also for employees who have left the company.
  • The employee can write comments for the manager when reporting.
  • Payslips are stored in an e-archive.
  • We prepare the holiday accounts.

And our Hotline is there if you’re in doubt about anything.
Could it be easier?

All you have to do

First read terms of business, fill in and sign the agreement, fill in the employment form for each employees.


Ring our hotline, where competent helpers are ready to guide you.

Hotline – Ring 87 57 23 00
E-mail – kvik@dkls.dk

About us

Kvikløn is a part of Dansk Løn Service, which administers wages, time, projects, production and staff