About Kvikløn

Kvikløn is a part of Dansk Løn Service, which administers wages, time, projects, production and staff for small and medium-size companies, both nationally and internationally.

Dansk Løn Service is a strong player on the payroll market. We’ve found over the years that small companies’ needs differ from those of big companies with respect to payroll processing. This is why Kvikløn was developed. The system was introduced on the Danish market in January 2013.

With its extensive experience and knowledge of wage payment systems, Dansk Løn Service created a solution tailor-made to the needs of small companies. Kvikløn makes it easy and economical to manage payrolls – and our customers can be confident that their wage payment systems are in good hands. There will be no sudden and unpleasant surprises.

Kvikløn shares offices with Dansk Løn Service, and we have free access to specialists in all sections of payroll administration. Kvikløn’s support function is thus very strong, and our customers gain a lot for their money because the system is constantly building on Dansk Løn Service’s knowledge and experience.

Dansk Lønservice: